Step Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal with These Tips

In almost all of life’s adventures, getting your foot in the door is the first (and at times most difficult) step. When you want to sell your home, you need to get prospective buyers’ feet in the door, literally. The best way to attract buyers to your door is with curb appeal. When your home catches the eye of real estate agents and eager homebuyers, you’ll be more likely to develop leads and sell your home faster. Take advantage of these simple tips to help up your home’s curb appeal as you begin the selling process. (more…)

Home Upgrades That Actually Improve Home Value

You hear people say that “your home is your investment,” all the time, but the act of buying a home alone isn’t like putting money into a mutual fund. Yes, your home should increase in value over time, but you’ll always need a place to live, and while your home is increasing in value, so are other homes. Enter the home upgrade. The theory goes that by performing home renovations and upgrades, you can add value to your home in a way that will pay for itself. But is that actually true? Not all home features are the same. Here are some home upgrades that have actually been shown to improve your home’s value, and help it sell faster. (more…)

How Can You Tell What Your Home Is Worth?

Property value can be a tricky thing to determine. Often, the true value of a home is in the eye of the owner. You have memories and history tied to your home, and these sentimental experiences have value for you! While your home isn’t purely a monetary investment, you do want to make sure that when it comes time to sell, you get the maximum value for your home. So, how can you tell what your home is worth. In today’s blog, we explore the factors that determine home value, and where you can start when you need an estimate for your own home. (more…)

Why Are Homes Selling So Fast in Omaha?

If you’re an Omaha local, or you’ve searched for a home in this housing market, you already know that Omaha is one of the fastest selling real estate markets in the entire country. In fact, an Omaha World Herald article points to this market as being the fastest. That’s good news for both buyers and sellers of homes — or at least, it can be good news. When the market moves quickly, you need to be able to act quickly. If you can’t then you may miss out on the home you’re looking for, or the ideal buyer for your home. In today’s blog, we explore why homes are selling so fast in Omaha, and how you can be prepared. (more…)

Are You Maximizing the Value of Your Home?

Selling your home is a big undertaking. You have a lot of sentimental value tied up in your property, and you want to make sure that sentimental value translates to monetary value. Of course you can’t put a dollar value on the sentimental value of your home, but you can make sure that you maximize the monetary value of your home. You may not even realize all of the features that your home includes. That’s why working with a real estate agent and staging your home are such important steps in the selling process. This is how you can maximize the return on your home. (more…)

Make Sure Your Real Estate Agent Has These Qualities

If you’ve never purchased a home before, the entire process can feel overwhelming. There are so many steps to the homebuying process in addition to actually finding a home that you want to purchase. The totality of the experience can bog you down and leave you feeling hesitant to take action. That’s where your real estate agent comes in to help! Your real estate agent is your teammate, answering your questions and helping you feel confident in your decision to buy a home. But how do you choose a real estate agent? Here are some basic qualities that your real estate agent should absolutely have. (more…)

How Do I Find Homes In Omaha?

Looking for a new home can be a surprisingly intimidating ordeal. After all, a simple online search and inundate you with a myriad of options. Fortunately, we can help streamline the process. We have access to MLS listings and more, but we can also gain an understating of your budget and needs, helping you choose the right home for your family.