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The Closing Process For Your New Home

We’ve talked about choosing your new house, and how to start the buying process. So today, we’re going to cover the settlement process and closing day. Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group of Omaha, NE, know how to make each step of the process simple and headache free, so you concentrate on moving into your… Read more »

I Found A House, What Next?

So, you’ve been working with our team or on your own, and you’ve finally found the place for you. But now what? How do you move forward with the purchasing process and reach an agreement with the seller? In today’s blog, Bill Swanson and the Swanson Group of Omaha, NE, will talk about what happens… Read more »

How Do You Find The Right House?

  Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group offer award-winning service to help people fund their perfect home in the Omaha, NE area. But how exactly do we help you find the right house, and what should you expect from our constant contact approach? In today’s blog, we discuss the our 80-10-10 rule for finding the… Read more »

We’ll Help You Reach A Seller Agreement

swanson seller agreement

  Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group want to help you with each and every step of the home buying process. We can help you list a property, and look for one that meets your criteria. When that happens how do you reach an agreement with a seller and close? In today’s blog, we’re going… Read more »

Looking For A Home In Omaha?

Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group regularly help families and individuals find their perfect home in Omaha and surrounding communities. Whether you’re in the area, or looking to move in from out of state, we can help you find the best home for your budget and your needs. In today’s blog, we’re going to take… Read more »

What Happens Once We Find Your Home?

We’ve helped you navigate multiple resources to find your perfect house, and you finally found did! But now that you find the house you want, what happens next? In today’s blog, Bill Swanson of The Swanson Group explains what happens once we find your home, and how we walk you through the process to make… Read more »

Avoiding Frustration During A Home Search

You can feel excited to become a first-time homeowner, but if you do not have the right support, your efforts can lead to more frustration than triumph. Even if this is not your first time searching for a property, the experience of searching for a house can change considerably with time, and when you look… Read more »

Do You Need Help Finding A Home?

When you decide you need to upgrade and get a bigger home, or if you want to downsize a bit with a cozier home, then you feel overwhelmed in your search. After all, there are so many sites to look through, such as Realtor or Zillow, and often the homes you do find have offers… Read more »

Completing Your Home Purchase

The process of choosing and buying a house can be a long, complicated one if you try to go through it alone. But what if you work with a team of experts instead? In today’s blog, The Swanson Group of Omaha, NE, are talking about how we help you choose your house, and what to… Read more »

How Do You Find Your Right Home?

The pandemic has changed a lot about our work and home lives. For many people, living in a city located close to work isn’t as important, so moving is now possible. As a result, people are relocating across the country, and many are trying to navigate the home purchasing process alone. In today’s blog, Bill… Read more »