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3 Fun, Pragmatic Stay-at-Home Activities

This is the ultimate test of how resourceful you are when it comes to entertaining yourself. For many people right now, they’re not just entertaining themselves, but they’re also responsible for entertaining one or more kiddos too. You can burn through TV shows and video games pretty fast. Then what? It’s nice to have some… Read more »

More Ways to Stay Entertained at Home

Whether you’re at home by yourself, or you’ve been thrust into the role of primary caregiver to multiple children each day, self quarantining presents many new challenges. One of the main challenges is staying mentally stimulated with an abundance of inside time. You can only watch so much TV, and it’s nice to have a… Read more »

At-Home Museum Tours During Social Distancing

A self-imposed quarantine is something new for everyone, and each day requires new adjustments. You’ve probably already started to burn yourself out on binge watching streaming services, so how about something a little more mentally stimulating? There are actually a number of world-renowned museums that offer virtual tours of their works. This is a great… Read more »

Plan Ahead for Summer Vacation

The summer season typically brings with it some schedule flexibility that allows for fun trips. Summer vacations can be relaxing and restorative, but they can also get expensive quickly. You don’t want your fun family outing to cause a disruption to the monthly budget. To avoid this, it’s important to plan ahead. That means deciding… Read more »

Budgeting for Homeowner Costs Saves You Money

It’s incredible how much money simply having a budget can save you. You probably know approximately what your monthly costs are, and you understand how much money you need to get by. Actually sitting down and laying out a budget can really save you some money though. When you look at the hard numbers on… Read more »

Is Your Spring Cleaning Checklist Ready?

Spring is always a welcome sight as the cold weather starts to turn and leaving the sanctuary of your home becomes a more enticing option. Many people participate in a spring cleaning because it gives them a chance to get rid of the winter malaise, along with any unwanted stuff. Are you spring cleaning your… Read more »

Are You Saving Money on Heating and Cooling?

Everyone loves saving money, especially when it doesn’t involve a huge lifestyle change. If you’re a homeowner looking to save some money on a monthly basis, start with your utilities. Are they running as efficiently as they could be? By taking a few steps on a daily or monthly basis, you can often improve the… Read more »

How Homeownership Affects Your Lifestyle

Buying a home is often presented as the logical next step in a series of big life events. You graduate from school, build your career, potentially meet a partner, and then you buy a home. While there are a number of benefits to purchasing a home of your own, it’s not necessarily something everyone should… Read more »

Set Homeowner Resolutions for 2020

The new year is just around the corner — are you making any resolutions? You can stick with classic choices like, “I’m going to exercise more,” or “I’m going to learn to play the guitar,” but you may want to broaden your scope. While you’re working on some personal resolutions, consider making some resolutions as… Read more »

Can Clean Living Lead to Savings?

Everyone is looking for ways to save money while working toward major goals like homeownership or retirement. The small habitual changes that you make can lead to a steady, positive financial impact. You may not have realized, but your savings goals may actually lineup with your lifestyle and wellness goals. Clean living may actually help… Read more »