Month: May 2021

Completing Your Home Purchase

The process of choosing and buying a house can be a long, complicated one if you try to go through it alone. But what if you work with a team of experts instead? In today’s blog, The Swanson Group of Omaha, NE, are talking about how we help you choose your house, and what to… Read more »

What Happens When You Find The Right House?

In our last blog, Bill Swanson and the The Swanson Group discussed how we work with you and your family to help you find the right house, one that meets your needs and is worthy of your investment. But once you find the right house, what happens next? How do you reach an agreement with… Read more »

How Do You Find Your Right Home?

The pandemic has changed a lot about our work and home lives. For many people, living in a city located close to work isn’t as important, so moving is now possible. As a result, people are relocating across the country, and many are trying to navigate the home purchasing process alone. In today’s blog, Bill… Read more »

Marketing Your Home Sale

Imagine you need to sell a piece of furniture in your house, so you list it on an online marketplace. In the coming days, you will fight to get your ad seen, and then fight with lowball offers, shady buyers, and more, as the headache due to this simple process increases. Now, imagine all that,… Read more »