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How Your Home Insurance Works

How Your Home Insurance Works

Home insurance is far from the most exciting part of the homebuying process. For many first-time homebuyers, it’s actually an afterthought. Homeowner’s insurance is essential though. Your home is a massive investment, and you want to protect that investment against unforeseen threats. If you’re new to the world of homeownership, you may be familiar with… Read more »

What Questions Are You Asking About Homeowners Insurance?

There are some life-defining highlights that come with purchasing your first home. You’ll remember closing on the house, taking a picture outside, and of course, moving in. There is so much to be excited for when it comes to buying your first home, and that’s why it’s easy to forget about some of the minutiae…. Read more »

How Much Should Homeowner’s Insurance Cost You?

Owning a home comes with certain costs for which you’ll want to account before making the purchase. One of the costs that people often forget about before purchasing a home is homeowner’s insurance. Homeowner’s insurance covers your dwelling and accidents that may occur on your property. The goal of homeowner’s insurance is to reduce your… Read more »

What Is Extended Dwelling Coverage?

A home purchase marks a huge moment in your life. When you make such an important financial decision, you’d like to have some guarantee that your home will be alright. While you can’t prevent natural disasters from occurring, you can work against them. Homeowner’s insurance — specifically, dwelling coverage — gives you peace of mind…. Read more »