How Do You Find Your Right Home?

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The pandemic has changed a lot about our work and home lives. For many people, living in a city located close to work isn’t as important, so moving is now possible. As a result, people are relocating across the country, and many are trying to navigate the home purchasing process alone. In today’s blog, Bill and the team at The Swanson Group talks about how we put our know-how to work finding the right house for you!


Marketing Your Home Sale

swanson selling homesImagine you need to sell a piece of furniture in your house, so you list it on an online marketplace. In the coming days, you will fight to get your ad seen, and then fight with lowball offers, shady buyers, and more, as the headache due to this simple process increases. Now, imagine all that, but you’re selling your home! That’s why you should talk to Bill and the team at The Swanson Group. Not only do we make the process simple, we know how to market your sell the get the offer you want!


Wants Versus Needs When Buying A Home

Wants Versus Needs When Buying A HomeThe search for a new home can be exhaustive in some cases. While there are certain hurdles involved in any home purchase, some factors within your control can influence the process. How prepared are you when you start looking? Are you on the same page as any other decision makers involved in the process? Do you understand your list of wants versus your list of needs for the home you’re going to purchase? These are crucial elements that will determine what type of experience you have. Start making your list of wants and needs well before you begin your home search. (more…)

Determining and Maintaining Home Value

Determining and Maintaining Home ValueThe value of your home consists of many different aspects. There is the value that comes from the utility of your home: you have a place to sleep and enjoy your lifestyle. There is the emotional value that comes from your home: you’ll create memories in this space that last a lifetime. There’s also the raw, monetary value of your home, and that piece is key. Residential properties are assets that typically mature at a steady rate. To ensure that this happens, and to understand the value that you can expect your home to have when it hits the market, there are steps that you can take as a homeowner. (more…)

Understanding Different Mortgage Products

Understanding Different Mortgage ProductsIf you’re looking to purchase a home, or you’re interested in refinancing your home, you’ll want to understand the different mortgage products available to you. Looking at a home loan like a product is a great way to approach the situation analytically. Your home mortgage will come with certain terms and conditions, based on a combination of the institution providing you with the loan, your personal credit history, your debt-to-income ratio, and the amount of money you can place toward a downpayment. Here is some general information about the different mortgage products available to you. (more…)

Prepping For A Home Sale

Prepping For A Home SaleIf you intend on selling your home, there are a number of steps that you’ll want to take to prepare before your property officially hits the market. While the housing market will have a great effect on the price and timeline of your home sale, you still have some control over the process. These steps include financial reconciliation, emotional preparation, and research. In order to sell your home quickly and get a great price, you need to be ready. Here is a brief list of steps to take when prepping for a home sale. (more…)

Breaking Down The Homebuying Process

Breaking Down The Homebuying ProcessPurchasing your first home can feel like a daunting task. In fact, the intimidating nature of the undertaking can be a major inhibitor for many people. By breaking down the homebuying process into chunks, you can understand a little bit more about the experience and have a better understanding of what to expect. There are many moving pieces when searching for a home, but the more prepared you are, the better time you will have. Here is a simple breakdown of the homebuying process. (more…)