Avoiding Frustration During A Home Search

You can feel excited to become a first-time homeowner, but if you do not have the right support, your efforts can lead to more frustration than triumph. Even if this is not your first time searching for a property, the experience of searching for a house can change considerably with time, and when you look at a new area. Our Omaha, NE real estate group is here to help you navigate this process, which can make the experience less difficult. We can help you find properties that are within your budget range and include your desired features. We can also help you start the mortgage process, and we can answer any questions that you may have about a certain space, or about the buying process in general. (more…)

Do You Need Help Finding A Home?

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When you decide you need to upgrade and get a bigger home, or if you want to downsize a bit with a cozier home, then you feel overwhelmed in your search. After all, there are so many sites to look through, such as Realtor or Zillow, and often the homes you do find have offers on the table, or have already been sold. To spare you the frustration, Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group can help you find the right property for you!


The Swanson Group Experience

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Did you know that a recent study revealed only 15% of homebuyers will work with the same realtor more than once? This could be due to a number of reasons, including poor service or headache, or the fact that the company simply isn’t around anymore. The process of buying or selling a home is an arduous one, and having a team behind you that you trust can make a world of different. Which is what Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group wants to offer you and your family! Find out what we provide as part of our experience.


How Do You Find Your Right Home?

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The pandemic has changed a lot about our work and home lives. For many people, living in a city located close to work isn’t as important, so moving is now possible. As a result, people are relocating across the country, and many are trying to navigate the home purchasing process alone. In today’s blog, Bill and the team at The Swanson Group talks about how we put our know-how to work finding the right house for you!


Marketing Your Home Sale

swanson selling homesImagine you need to sell a piece of furniture in your house, so you list it on an online marketplace. In the coming days, you will fight to get your ad seen, and then fight with lowball offers, shady buyers, and more, as the headache due to this simple process increases. Now, imagine all that, but you’re selling your home! That’s why you should talk to Bill and the team at The Swanson Group. Not only do we make the process simple, we know how to market your sell the get the offer you want!