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Making A New City Your Home

Skyline Omaha NE

At The Swanson Group, we love to welcome new members of our community. While we have been in Omaha, Nebraska for years, we understand that newcomers may not have a full grasp of the city. Let us be a helping hand to guide you through the property search process, all the way through to the… Read more »

Property Search In An Emerging City

Omaha NE

Every individual city is unique and so moving to a new place can be intimidating. The job market is rapidly changing and if you have decided to call Omaha, NE your new home, let The Swanson Group be the first to welcome you to our beautiful city. The metro region saw a significant jump in… Read more »

Consider Moving To Omaha

  Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group love helping people find their new home in Omaha, NE. We know the housing market in this area like the back of our hand, but we also genuinely love this city and think it’s a great place to raise a family! In today’s blog, we’re looking at reasons… Read more »

Assisting With Your Property Search

A property search helps us find a home for a buyer. We know how stressful and overwhelming this process can be, especially if you’re handling it alone. Which is why Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group can help by assisting with the property search, finding the home that wo0rks for you!

Why Should You Move To Omaha?

  Bill Swanson and The Swanson Group are proud to serve Omaha, NE, and help people find a new home, investment property, or relocate within the city. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at a few things that make this such a wonderful place to move, and discuss how we can help you find… Read more »

Exploring Omaha Neighborhood Options

Finding the perfect home is often a matter of finding the perfect location. While you may want certain attributes as part of your house, you’re not just investing in a building. You’re investing in your own lifestyle. You want to make sure that your house and the neighborhood it’s in match your needs. Do you… Read more »

You Can Afford a Home in Omaha

Omaha has continued to grow as a desirable destination within the Midwest. With a burgeoning tech sector, fun cultural events, and a blossoming restaurant scene, Omaha has lots to offer for a variety of demographics. One of the greatest assets that Omaha has in addition to these cultural benefits is the affordability of its homes…. Read more »

Check Out These Omaha Area Destinations

Omaha captures the best of city living while retaining a sense of community and calm. That’s what makes this city such an attractive place to call home. Whether you’re new to the area, or it’s simply been a while since you’ve explored your own backyard, you may be surprised by the wealth of awesome activities… Read more »

Explore Highlights in the Omaha Area

Whether you’re moving for work, or you’re looking for an exciting, affordable city to call home, Omaha presents a great option for people of all ages. There are family-friendly attractions, fun restaurants and bars, and captivating cultural touchstones all across the Omaha area. If you’re haven’t explored the Omaha area before, or if it’s simply… Read more »