Month: April 2023

Learning To Market Your Home

Yellow House Omaha NE

Are you thinking about selling your home, but do not know where to start? In these situations, look to a trusted team of real estate agents to understand your options in the sale process. While home prices soared during the pandemic, the market is starting to correct itself. Now may be a great opportunity for… Read more »

Looking To Build A Home? We Can Help

Home Construction Omaha NE

In a rapidly expanding city like Omaha, you might be looking to build your new home rather than purchase an existing house. This option gives you much in the way of flexibility, but there can be pitfalls for these new homeowners. If this is your first experience in home construction, you could run into trouble… Read more »

Make A Plan For Your Move

House Selector Omaha NE

Inadequate planning is one of the most common mistakes that people make when looking for a new house. This can be easy to do, as the excitement of the prospect starts to set in. Do not let yourself become too caught up in the moment, however. Instead, reach out to a trusted real estate agent… Read more »

Finding Your Place In A New City

Omaha birds eye Swanson Group

When you are looking to relocate to a new town, finding the neighborhood that suits your needs can become difficult. In these instances, reach out to a helpful team of trusted real estate agents, so that you can better understand the landscape of the city. We at The Swanson Group are here to help you… Read more »