You hear people say that “your home is your investment,” all the time, but the act of buying a home alone isn’t like putting money into a mutual fund. Yes, your home should increase in value over time, but you’ll always need a place to live, and while your home is increasing in value, so are other homes. Enter the home upgrade. The theory goes that by performing home renovations and upgrades, you can add value to your home in a way that will pay for itself. But is that actually true? Not all home features are the same. Here are some home upgrades that have actually been shown to improve your home’s value, and help it sell faster.

Upgraded Kitchens Are an Asset for Home Value

Who doesn’t love an incredible kitchen? Even if they don’t end up cooking as often as they’d like, people still love picturing themselves whipping up a five-star meal in a sleak, open kitchen. If you have a gourmet or chef’s-calibur kitchen, this can be a huge asset for your home’s value. If you don’t, this may be the first place you look to make an upgrade. Upgraded appliances and cabinetry add a nice touch, but the layout is key. An open kitchen with plenty of counter space and prep areas is best for home value.

Solar Panels Are a Long-Term Investment

Many homebuyers are looking toward the future. They want to purchase a home that they can see themselves enjoying for the years to come. For that reason, an upgrade with future value, like solar panels, is great for home value. Solar panels improve the sustainability of a home, and drive down utility costs. That makes them a practical upgrade, which is always great for home value. Different lifestyle choices may come in and out of fashion, but cost-efficiency will always be in style.

Home Office Space Is Enticing for Homebuyers

Whether you work from home, or you want a space to chase your creative pursuits, you can always appreciate a home office space. A home office adds value to your home and helps it sell faster. This is a great use of additional space in your home, because almost any prospective buyer can envision themselves using this type of space. Be sure to consider how you can maximize the perceived value of your space when you stage your home before selling it.

Work with a Real Estate Agent for Quick Home Sales

Another great way to maximize the return you get for your home is by working with a real estate agent. A real estate agent can ensure that the right buyers are seeing your home, and that your home is properly valued. Bill Swanson is an experienced agent in the Omaha area, who knows how to help families get proper value for their homes, and quickly. Learn about Bill Swanson’s service by contacting his Omaha, NE office at 402-679-6566.