More Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

When you decide to sell your home, you want to sell it quickly and you want to receive the best price possible for it. Some factors, like market conditions, can be out of your control. You probably need to sell your home on a tight timeline and you can’t just wait around for things to change. However, there are other factors that you can control, like the appearance and layout of your home. Proper staging techniques can showcase the highlights of your home and invite potential buyers to see themselves living in the space. So here are some more staging tips for selling your home. (more…)

It’s Time to Find a Loan Officer for Your Mortgage

Efficiency is a must during the homebuying process, especially in a hot housing market. Right now, it seems like just about every housing market is a hot one — definitely Omaha. If you want to purchase a home in Omaha, you need to have your ducks in a row before the process even begins. If you visit an open house and fall in love with a property, but you don’t have pre-approval for a mortgage, you have almost no chance of securing that home. Pre-approval is your first step in the homebuying process. To get pre-approved for a home loan, you’ll need to work with a loan officer. (more…)

Is Your Real Estate Agent a Local?

Your real estate agent can be a huge help to you when you buy or sell a home. They’re much more than just a person who lines up showings on your behalf. Your real estate agent should be a resource that you lean on and trust throughout the process. Do you have questions about homeownership, local ordinances, or neighborhood features? If your real estate agent can’t answer those questions, they should be able to point you to someone who can. In order for your real estate agent to be the best resource possible, they should be a local in the market where you’re buying or selling. (more…)

What Should Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Purchasing a home can be a huge step in your life, and while that home represents a practical place where you will grow and create memories, it also represents an important investment. It’s an investment that you want to protect. That’s why homeowner’s insurance is a must for your house. Choosing the right level of homeowner’s insurance may be difficult if you’ve never done so before. Even if you do already have homeowner’s insurance, how can you be sure you have the right coverage? In today’s blog, we cover what your homeowner’s insurance should cover. (more…)

Don’t Take on a Home Renovation You Don’t Want

If you’re planning on selling your home, you may consider doing a light renovation to a particular part of your home to increase its value. Before you start down that road, however, you should consider what level of value you can realistically expect the renovation to add. You should also consider whether or not the renovation is something that you’ll appreciate. Sometimes plans change, and you don’t want to make a financial and time investment that you wouldn’t appreciate yourself. Before you start your next home renovation, make sure it’s something that you want too. (more…)

Reinvent Your Home with a Little Landscaping

When selling your home, curb appeal is important. That may seem obvious, and yet, many people still undervalue the exterior appearance of their home. No matter how much charm and functionality the inside of your home has, you won’t get people to come see it if the outside of your home doesn’t draw them in. So, if you feel like you’re struggling to draw people in during open houses, or you haven’t yet listed your home on the market, take stock of its curb appeal. If you need some livening up, a little landscaping can completely reinvent the look of your home. (more…)

What Are You Looking for in Your Omaha Neighborhood?

When searching for a home, you have to consider budget, commute to work, and a number of other important logistical factors. However, what can’t get lost in these practical concerns is your fit within the home and neighborhood you choose. There are some incredible neighborhoods throughout Omaha, and each one has its own set of assets and personality. Finding the right fit for you will improve the experience you have living in your new home. So, what are you looking for in an Omaha home and neighborhood? We explore several options in today’s blog. (more…)

What Role Does Emotion Play in Selling Your House?

Home purchases and sales are huge moments in your life. Your home is likely a place where you’ve created many important memories. It may be where your children have grown up, or where you fell in love. It can be easy to become attached to a home, and that’s okay! That’s part of the personal value you attribute to your home. However, when it comes to selling your home, you need to be objective. It may not be possible to be totally objective about selling such an important part of your life, but here are some tips to help. Emotion will play a role in selling your house, but you don’t want it to create a disadvantage. (more…)

Save Money with Preventive Maintenance for Your Home

No homeowner enjoys having to shell out a chunk of cash for a repair, and yet, sometimes it’s unavoidable. If your water heater goes out, or you have a broken window, those issues require immediate attention, and likely, the help of a professional. However, there are some maintenance issues that are in your control as a homeowner. Preventive maintenance goes a long way toward saving homeowners money. By taking a few consistent, preventive measures around the house, you can reduce the likelihood that you need significant repairs or replacements. (more…)

What Do You Want from Your Real Estate Agent?

If you’re buying or selling your home, you’ll probably want to work with a real estate agent during the process. During the massive undertaking that is buying or selling a home, it can be easy to forget that selecting your real estate agent should be exciting. Your real estate agent is your partner during the process, and choosing the right person can make everything feel a lot easier. If you’re about to choose a real estate agent, it’s time to get excited! You’re about to gain an ally. So, it’s time to ask yourself, what do you want from your real estate agent? (more…)