The pandemic has created challenges for every person, regardless of their current job or home ownership situation. If you were planning on selling your home at any point in the last year, or for the next year, you may have already hit some roadblocks. Regardless of any market changes that may have been caused by the pandemic, the situation also creates some practical problems for showcasing your home. Luckily, there are still steps that you can take to present your home to potential buyers. Here’s how you can showcase your for sale home during a pandemic.

Create a Virtual Tour for Your Home

Virtual tours allow you to showcase your home without in-person visits, which is a safer option during the pandemic. In addition to being a useful step during this time, creating a video tour of your home is a step you should take anyway! Video tours of your home can show off the actual dimensions and practical space within your home. You can take time to walk through and explain the best features in your home, giving potential buyers a clearer picture of the property they may be purchasing.

Work With a Real Estate Agent to Schedule Select Showings

Working with a real estate agent during a home sale provides many benefits. Your real estate agent can put your home on the radar of potential buyers — buyers who have secured a mortgage, and who are a good fit for your home. This is especially important during a pandemic, as hosting frequent open-houses is not a possibility. Your real estate agent can help you schedule showings for select buyers who are serious about making an offer on your home. This will save you time and stress during an already stressful situation.

Take the Opportunity to Research Your Neighborhood

The value of your home is a product of market conditions and the features that your home has. Those market conditions are relative. Things happening at the national and local level can determine how your home is valued, but so can things happening on your street. Does your home have energy-efficient fittings that match the other homes on your street? Is your home the only one on the block without a finished basement? These factors matter when determining the relative value of your home.

Start the Process of Selling Your Home with Bill Swanson

Bill Swanson has been a part of the real estate industry in Omaha for decades. While none of us have ever lived through a pandemic, Bill has seen just about everything else there is to see in the industry. His knowledge and experience can help you navigate these difficult times. Bill can help you find the right buyer for your home. Start working with Bill Swanson to sell your home by contacting his Omaha, NE office at 402-679-6566.