Should You Remodel or Repair Your Home?Home improvement projects incorporate a number of different adjustments that you may make to your home. They present the opportunity for you to improve your own quality of life, which simultaneously increases the eventual resale value of your home. Investing in your home goes beyond the initial purchase of real estate. You also want to care for your home over time. You may consider a remodel to add a new feature or reimagine a space within your home. Is a remodel the best course of action? While home improvement projects are beneficial, you don’t want to add too much to your plate.

Remodel a Space to Create a New or Improved Function

Very few people purchase their dream home already intact. You may find the perfect exterior on the perfect block, but chances are, there will be some interior features you’d like to adjust. Remodels allow you to create new or improved functions for rooms or spaces. A remodel can give you a larger kitchen, increase the natural light in the living room, or add an additional bedroom. Using this frame of mind when starting a remodel is helpful. How will the remodel improve your day-to-day life, while also improving the long-term value of your home?

Repairs Keep Your Home Up-to-Date

Not every home improvement project requires a remodel. Before you start knocking down walls, make sure that a remodel is really necessary. Simply repairing different parts of your home can go a long way. Resealing your window frames can improve the esthetics of your dining room, while also lowering your utility costs. Replacing an old fixture with an energy-efficient model may not require a demolition project, and it can still improve your quality of life. Keeping a home maintenance checklist can help with these tasks.

Have a Plan Before You Remodel

This may seem obvious, but having a plan means more than having an artistic vision. You may get excited by the prospect of a new walk-in closet in your bedroom, but what’s the budget for your project? Do you have a contracting partner you can trust? What’s the timeline for the completion of your project? Plan around these details to give yourself some guideposts during the project. This will also help you keep on task and prevent frivolous spending during the remodeling process.

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