Is Your Home Helping With Utility Bills?Paying bills isn’t exactly at the top of anyone’s list of fun activities. When you get an unexpectedly high bill, it makes the feeling even worse. Your home could actually be contributing to these high bills. During colder months, you’re going to run the heat more, which will lead to higher utility costs. Choosing energy-efficient fittings for your home can reduce costs. Energy-efficient windows, home insulation, and efficient fixtures can all drive costs down and even increase the resale value of your home. Here’s how your home can help with utility bills.

Make Sure Your Home Has an Airtight Seal

The more your heat and air conditioning units run, the higher your bills will be. If your home does not have an airtight seal, you’ll be losing that controlled temperature faster and forcing your units to run more frequently. Check the exterior borders of your home. Are there cracks in your door frame where air escapes? Loose window frames can contribute to inefficiency as well. A thorough examination may reveal some simple maintenance steps that you can take to reduce your utility costs.

Consider Up-to-Date Fittings and Fixtures to Reduce Utility Bills

If you’ve taken the simple maintenance steps available to you to improve your home’s efficiency, you may want to consider updating the fittings and fixtures themselves. Water efficient toilets, faucets, and appliances can all drive down your monthly water costs. Double- or triple-paned glass on your windows can retain heat or cool air at a much higher rate than cheaper windows. You should also check on the status of your home’s insulation. Insulating your attic can make a big difference in your monthly costs.

Low Utility Bills Can Be a Selling Point for Your Home

Making the upgrade to energy-efficient fixtures and fittings does come with a cost. However, this choice is a long-term decision that will drive down your monthly costs, saving you money. Plus, if you eventually decide to sell your home, energy efficiency will be a huge plus for potential buyers. You should research your neighborhood before listing. Depending on where you live, energy efficient fittings may allow your home to stand out, or it may even be a standard feature that buyers expect.

Make the Right First Impression for Your Home with Bill Swanson

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