Staging your home is all about striking the right balance. While there are some general best practices that you can use, you also need to consider who your target homebuyer is. If you’re selling your slick, modern home, you want a clean, pristine look on the inside. If it’s a homey cottage, your home should feel cozy. The end result that you’re after is a staged home that matches the aesthetic of the architecture and the people who will be buying your home. Here are some tips on how to stage your home to look inviting to potential buyers.

You Want Your Home to Feel Lived-In, But Not Messy

Striking the right balance when staging your home isn’t easy, and it’s often helpful to rely on the eye of a professional. They can guide you when it comes to ideas like this one. You want your home to feel like a place where people can live and be comfortable, but you don’t necessarily want prospective buyers to feel like they’re in someone else’s home. Decluttering is a must for any staging project. Make sure the home is clean and tidy. If you need to rent a storage unit to store your extra stuff while you show your home, it may be a good investment.

Consider Purchasing New Toiletries and Towels

In addition to physically cleaning the space, you can also make updates to the things that fill the space. A bathroom without any towels or toiletries will look strange and sterile, but the hand towels you’ve been using for the better part of a decade may not be the best look either. Consider making small purchases like these to make your home seem fresh and clean, without feeling sterile. You can apply this advice to things like rugs and couch cushions as well. Often, these purchases are relatively cheap, and they can perk up a particular space.

Try to Depersonalize the Space Without Removing All Personality

Staging your home can be a matter of fine margins. Again, that’s why it’s often helpful to work with a professional. While at present your home may be full of personalized items, you should try to depersonalize the space before showing the home. Remove family photographs or overly specific art pieces. You still want your home to have color and charm, but you don’t want a prospective buyer to feel like they’re walking around someone else’s home. This is another occasion where renting a storage unit may come in handy.

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