Everyone likes feeling “at home.” Your home is where you’re comfortable. It’s where you make memories with your family. Evoking those sensations is a huge asset when it comes to selling your home. You have to make sure that prospective buyers can actually picture themselves living in your home. A buyers that you don’t know won’t have the same emotional attachment to your home as you do. When you stage your home for showings, you need to make sure that your home feels comfortable, but not too lived in. Here are some tips to help prospective buyers feel at home.

Thoroughly Clean and Fix Each Room in the Home

This sounds like a simple tip, but it takes some real focus and attention-to-detail. Living in your home for years can cause you to become blind to certain areas or features. You should enlist the help of a friend or professional to help you reexamine your home with fresh eyes. Thoroughly clean every room in the house, and make sure that you repair anything that’s broken. Even consider replacing certain fixtures or finishings if their appearance becomes distracting. You need your home to be presentable!

Show Off the Function of Each Room

This idea is huge when it comes to staging your home. You probably have rooms that you use more than others in the home, but you want to present all of the space in your home as valuable. Make sure that the way you stage each room shows off that room’s functionality. What can a prospective buyer get out of each room? How can they maximize the value of the space they’re considering buying? Rooms that seem superfluous can actually come off as a negative to prospective buyers.

Showcase the Clean, Functional Rooms that You Do Have

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned and repaired every part of your home, make sure that you’re showing off these functional, beautiful spaces! Natural light is a huge asset for any home, so take advantage of the natural light that wants to make its way in. Open windows, and consider adding a well-placed mirror to expand the space and bounce more of that natural light around. Many people love the feeling of natural light, and it often makes any space feel more inviting — more like home!

Work with Bill Swanson to Stage and Sell Your Home

Does your house feel like home to you? Would it feel like home to a stranger? These are the questions you should ask yourself as you prepare to sell. If you need help attracting potential buyers and showcasing your home in the best light, contact Bill Swanson. You can benefit from Bill’s 30+ years of experience in the Omaha housing market. Learn more about selling your home by contacting Bill Swanson in Omaha, NE at 402-679-6566.